Whatever your requirements, 

whatever your style.

Basic Retouching

A quick edit that gets your photograph on track

When we make a basic edit the overall look and feel of the image is corrected to establish the best possible overall quality. 

This is completed using a non-destructive process of the original file and includes changes to the following...

  • White Balance

  • Exposure

  • Increasing or Reducing Shadows & Highlights

  • Color 

  • Crop

  • Spot & Blemish Removal

  • Adding or Removing Grain

Select Retouching

A 20 minute Retouch in Photoshop

A Select Retouch includes changes to the following...

  • Everything from a Basic Retouch

  • + 20 minutes of intensive clean-up in Photoshop.

Studio Retouch

The full monty.

A studio Retouch is a much deeper dive based on specific requests from the client, whatever your image needs can be completed.

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